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Another Little Romania

Un Alt Colt de Romanie

2018, Documentary, 47 min.


« Another Little Romania » is the first chapter from a storytelling book with Romanian background characters and their unique stories. Written pages under the sign of the Destiny in various times with diverse people, and random ages, all together in a bouquet called Life. This Life has beauty and fragrance only through peoples’ stories.


Film Director: Daniela Apostoaei

Narrator: Ryan Stockert

Script Advisor: Tara Klager

Editor: Codrut Miron

Music: Florentin Nastase



Boyash, the Movie - Official Poster. An official selection in the Pineapple Underground Film Festival, PUFF 2015, Hong Kong, China

The Boyash


"The Boyash" documentary film has been officially selected to compete in the Pineapple Underground Film Festival, PUFF 2015 in Hong Kong, It also received the Honorary Prize at Gala for Press Awards 4th Edition, Romania. In 2016 it was awarded the Gold Kahuna Winners for Documentary Short Competition at the Honolulu Film Awards, and got the 2016 Silver Palm Award Winner for Documentary Short Competition at the Mexico International Film Festival.

In a region of south-central Romania, the Boyash people live and work still carving the same simple woodcrafts they’ve sold in towns and villages for more than 200 years.


In their small settlements, geese and dogs roam the streets, children play and the old men and women sit outside their doorways, wooden logs braced between their feet or on their laps, sharp knives shaving thin strips from the pale-colored sticks. Under their hands, the rough wood rapidly evolves into that universal kitchen tool, the wooden spoon.


They’re a simple people and their way of life has existed in its present form for generations. But it may all be coming to an end.

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Ticket for Two Lives


The journey of  a woman who undergoes two heart transplant procedures. A story of faith, love and hope.

The Maple Dream

2016, Short, 3'43''


"The Maple Dream” short depicts the journey in a dreamy state of mind of a newcomer to Canada from the moment of tacking off to the landing. It is a flashback through the transitory life that an individual is leaving behind balanced with a new dream and lifestyle that awaken upon landing on Canadian soil.


7 finalists have been selected for the 2016 Feel Foreign Film Contest. [click to see them all]


Producer & Director: Daniela Apostoaei

Editor: Codrut Miron

Omatsuri Festival Calgary

2017, Short, 3'43''

Producer & Director: Daniela Apostoaei

Editor: Codrut Miron

Home Among Foreigners


“Home among Foreigners” consisted of 12 programs presenting the lives of different Romanian people living and working in Germany.


It is an honest and unflinching look at the difficulties and obstacles they faced as they go through the integration process in a new society, culture and country.


The series also present the drama and trauma of those left behind in Romania - children in the care of relatives, helpless elderly relatives, parents and spouses.

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