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Everybody wants to get out of this life decently, whether it was beautiful or terrible, wealthy or poor, big or small, notorious or unknown… at the end of the line, everyone turns to peace, the kind of peace that we all had when we were children. In the last minute of our life, Destiny finally makes sense… it becomes physical, touchable, it elevates in front of your eyes like a beautiful lady in red. Such a treasure that’s been within us all this time now is guiding us to the unknown. And we are natural following the river. Nobody ever comes back, but the One sent to walk the earth, to refine the swamp with lilies of hope, something more precious than air and time.


This voyage comes to an end when the sum of all our regrets goes away like a mist. It is that last frontier of our story here that unites us all again. It collapses the walls of fame like unwanted toys, and brings us together once again. And at that time we all want to get out of this life just for that very feeling of embracing again the forgotten vigor.


Inspired by Terence (Publius Terentius Afer, c. 195/185 – c. 159? BC)

Our Team

Daniela Apostoaei - Filmmaker, Director, Producer

Daniela Apostoaei is an Award Winning Film Producer & Director, and founder of Destiny Productions in Alberta, Canada. She made her debut in the Media in 2001 as the Editor of the daily newspaper “Dambovita Journal” Romania in the Investigation Department of the Artpress Press Trust. This turned out to be a milestone of her professional life. She took an active role at venues, symposium and fundraising events for people at risk. As a journalist, she wanted to reflect social, political, economic and cultural differences of the society, to represent those who cannot speak or do not have a voice for themselves.


In 2003 Daniela won a scholarship to a weekly publication “O Mirante” in the Santarem region of Portugal. The stage offered her the opportunity to work collaboratively with Portuguese journalists assembling a bilingual Romanian-Portuguese magazine presenting the life, customs and traditions of the residents of Cartaxo, a sister-city of Pucioasa, Dambovita county, Romania.

Daniela Apostoaei


In 2010 she started working in Television as a Producer-Director and Broadcaster. The documentary series she suggested “DESTINIES” was broadcasted on the regional channel MDITV, and soon managed to conquer the hearts of many viewers, resulting in the highest ratings for a debut program.


In 2011 Daniela completed the documentary “Home among Foreigners” series in Germany consisted of 12 programs presenting the lives of various Romanian people living and working in Germany. It was an honest and unflinching look at the difficulties and obstacles they faced as they went through the integration process in a new culture and people. The series also presented the drama and trauma of those left behind in Romania - children in the care of relatives, helpless elderly relatives, parents and spouses.


In 2012 the documentary film  “Enfance au tranchant du bisturi” (French Subtitles) written and directed by Daniela Apostoaei was presented at a Medical International Congress in Belgium. The film was also selected and broadcast at MDITV Romania in March 2012 and aired in August 2014 on Shaw 89 Multicultural Channel, Alberta, Canada. In March 2016 the film received The Second Prize at Gala for Television Productions  Awards, Romania.


In October 2015 the documentary film “The Boyash” (Rudarii), written and directed by Daniela Apostoaei was selected as a Canadian Documentary film to compete in the “Pineapple Underground Film Festival” PUFF in Hong Kong, China. Two months later Daniela Apostoaei received an Honorary Prize for this film at Gala for Press Prizes 4th Edition, Romania. In May 2016 The Boyash (Rudarii)  competed in the Honolulu Film Festival and received Gold Kahuna Award. The Boyash also received in June 2016 the Silver Palm Award Winner for Documentary Short Competition at the  Mexico International Film Festival.

Currently, Daniela Apostoaei collaborates with Shaw TV Calgary, Canada as an Access Producer/Director, producing episodes for the “Destinies” show, depicting the life stories of people from Alberta, Canada.


“Ticket for Two Lives” is another documentary broadcasted on Shaw TV Calgary and Shaw TV Edmonton in 2015.


Daniela Apostoaei holds her Bachelor Degree in Law from the University of Judicial Science, Oradea, Romania and practiced in the field of Civil Litigations and Commercial Dispute. She is a member of International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), The Canadian Freelance Union of Canada (UNIFOR), and Union of Professional Journalists of Romania (UZPR). She continues writing various articles for newspapers and other publications.

Codrut Miron - Graphic Designer & Videographer

Codrut Miron

Video Editor / Graphic Designer

2004, Gibbs College Montclair, NJ, USA - Visual Communications. He has worked primarily in Graphic Design and Multimedia in the advertising industry for almost 7 years in New York City and greater New York area. Codrut’s main focus has been on Graphic Design, Multimedia, Web Design, and Video editing.


In 2010 Codrut won the Eva London Conference Logo Design Competition, London, UK. He has also shot featured videos and does freelance Videography and Photography work using several types of cameras including crane cameras, shoulder-mounted cameras and studio cameras.


Codrut Miron worked at documentaries such as: "The Boyash" (Rudarii), 2015, Directed by Daniela Apostoaei, “Enfance au tranchant du bisturi” Director Daniela Apostoaei, “Ticket for Two Lives”, 2015, Director Daniela Apostoaei, and the project  “Operation Backpack”.

Currently Codrut Miron collaborates with Shaw TV Calgary, Canada  as videographer  and graphic designer for the “Destinies” show, which is aired on Canadian TV Channel Shaw 10 and Multicultural Channel Shaw 89 Alberta , Canada. He is a member of the International Federation of Journalists - IFJ, The Canadian Freelance Union of Canada - UNIFOR, and the Union of Professional Journalists of Romania (UZPR). He continues publishing various articles for newspapers and other publications for print and online.

Ryan J. Stockert - Radio Producer & Videographer

Ryan J. Stockert

Producer / Videographer

In his 15 years as a major market radio producer in Canada, Ryan has won many international awards for his creative production work. Working in major markets throughout Ontario and Alberta, he has developed advertising campaigns, radio imaging packages, jingles and everything in between.


In 2012 Ryan transferred his skills from radio broadcasting to films with stories that inspire, encourage and challenge. Ryan started Thunder and Light Studios Inc. in June of 2012.

Thunder and Light Studios completed their first documentary film in 2013, “The End of Churchianity.” The film has been screened around the world and has captured the hearts of thousands of people.


Since 2013, Thunder and Light Studios has worked on corporate promo films, TV Docs, an 11-part DVD training series, a web series, and is currently developing a reality TV show.

Ryan brings a number of skills to Thunder and Light Studios including writing, directing, post production video editing, audio sound-design and camera work.

Tara Klager - Freelance Writer

Tara Klager

Freelance Writer

A freelance writer and winner of two Ontario Newspaper Awards (Editorial, Opinion and Analysis), Tara has been writing for a variety of publications across Canada for 17 years.


Her experience has been wide-ranging including arts reporting, script writing, blogging and social media as well as research papers for private clients. With extensive experience in newspaper journalism, Tara has a demonstrated ability to write hard-hitting, clear and activist articles to encourage, rebuke and expose.

Tara Klager - Freelance Writer

Yoshi Shirakaki

Freelance Videographer

Yoshi Shirakaki is a freelance videographer based in Canada and Japan. He worked for KDLH, CBS affiliated TV station in Duluth, Minnesota. His first shooting was Charlton Heston’s interview of the US Presidential Primary in 2000.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with a Master’s Degree in Communication.


He had worked as a Director and Videographer at QVC Japan Inc, 24-hour non-stop shopping channel from 2001 to 2012. He earned high level professional audio and lighting skills.

Since 2013, Yoshi has been involved as a camera operator and videographer with Shaw TV Calgary as well as sport and travel writer for newspaper and web media in Alberta.

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